Bold Blue: Because Our People Know Best

As a People-first Company, we’ve always sought to respond to the changing needs and expectations of our Customers and Employees. People-centric innovation is a chief reason we’ve been so successful over the decades. In 2014, we updated Southwest’s look with a bold Heart rebrand inspired by our love of People. In 2017, we introduced an all-new look for our uniformed Employees–designed for Employees by Employees. In 2018, we refreshed our onboard service items to better align with the bold look of our logo, aircraft, and uniforms.

I am thrilled about this project, and being part of a Team that was so thoughtful in trying to get things right for our Flight Attendants was a huge accomplishment. The tools we use are so important in our everyday work life, and to refresh them makes me so proud!
—Nayo Alston, Flight Attendant

At Southwest, we have long believed that the best ideas often come from our Employees and that their input can be especially valuable when it impacts their day-to-day work. Thanks to the help and guidance of our Flight Attendant Strategy Team (FAST), we introduced an improved collection of signature service items that include snack baskets, ice scoops, and a condiment caddy.

FAST is a solution-oriented group of Flight Attendants with varying seniority and backgrounds, and they were the perfect partner for the redesign of our service items. Since its inception in 2012, FAST Team Members have provided expert feedback and collaborated with other Teams throughout Southwest on several projects that have positively impacted countless Employees and Customers.

The Bold Blue Service Item collection was entirely designed by FAST, and their expertise is immediately evident. Rounds of iterative prototyping, hands-on testing, and feedback from Employees resulted in designs that are clean, sleek, and modern. Each item is made out of a flexible material that is lighter and longer-lasting than previous products, and the new collection complements our Company’s bold look.

By utilizing input from the People who know best—our Employees—Flight Attendants are enabled and empowered to better serve our Customers and deliver our famous Southwest Hospitality.

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