Civility and Kindness

The Kindness Diaries, now streaming its second season on Netflix, follows eternal optimist and passionate adventurer, Leon Logothetis, as he travels the world to spread kindness to unsuspecting strangers. Leon embarks on each journey with no money, no food, no gas, and no place to stay, choosing to put his trust and fate in the hands of strangers in order to reaffirm his belief that despite what we see in the news, humans are ultimately kind. In season two, Leon continues his heartfelt mission, traveling from Anchorage, Alaska, to Ushuaia, Argentina, in a vintage VW Bug, relying solely on the kindness of strangers—who he pays back in unexpected and inspiring ways throughout the series.

A Partnership with Southwest
As the airline with Heart, Leon’s mission inspires us. The Kindness Diaries series promotes connection, embraces civility, and encourages people to live out The Golden Rule—values that align with our own and speak to our Purpose: connecting People to what’s important in their lives. Our Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer, Gary Kelly, has been sharing the message of kindness and civility for many years. After meeting with Leon to discuss the importance of kindness, he said, “We’ve found a kindred spirit in Leon, who is truly an inspiring humanitarian. We share Leon’s passion to make the world smaller and bring people together by spreading kindness and civility, and making meaningful connections with our fellow neighbors—near and far. Our People strive to make a difference in our Customers’ lives each and every day.”

In 2019, we formally partnered with Leon to help him reach new people and places, flying him from San Diego, California, to San Jose, Costa Rica, by way of Houston, Texas. Leon got to experience the Hospitality of our Employees firsthand as he brought his kindness mission across the U.S. and into Central and South America.

World Kindness Day
In November 2019, we hosted Leon to help celebrate World Kindness Day. He visited Southwest Employees to discuss the impact that acts of kindness have had on his life. Leon had made a special impression on Caroline Llewellyn, a Senior Promotions Specialist in our Safety and Security Department, who had this to say:

“Ever since I watched the first episode of The Kindness Diaries, each episode tugged at my heartstrings, made me laugh, made me cry, and made me think about how I would react if a random stranger asked me to fill up their gas tank or asked if they could sleep in my house.

So when Leon was invited to speak to Employees for World Kindness Day earlier this month, I was giddy at the chance to see him in person, and maybe have the chance to ask a question or get my picture taken with him. I was excited for his presentation and was so inspired by what he shared with us.

Here were a few takeaways I had from Leon’s presentation:

  • The kindest thing you can do is to SEE another person.
  • Kindness is helping someone feel less alone.
  • It’s etched into our DNA—it’s part of what makes us human.
  • We are all capable of speaking the international language of connection.
  • Kindness + You = Happiness.
  • Unless we have a foundation of love and service, we’re not truly living.


Kindness isn’t complicated. When we demonstrate kind acts for our friends, family members, Fellow Employees, or strangers, they will remember you and what you did for them, and in that fraction of a second, you just might change, not only their lives, but yours too.”

I am beyond proud to partner with Southwest Airlines, a Company that truly leads with Heart,” said Leon Logothetis. “I am excited to share the power of kindness while inspiring people to go be kind.
—Leon Logothetis, The Kindness Diaries

Kindness through Travel
Customers can enjoy an original content series produced in partnership between Southwest and Leon Logothetis called “Where have you been?” available on the Inflight Entertainment Portal on WiFi-equipped flights. The series follows Leon as he visits Southwest cities to connect with those he encounters, one inspiring conversation at a time.Leon learns about the places they have traveled and the kindness they’ve experienced.

As you encounter and deliver acts of kindness, we encourage you to share those stories on social media using Leon’s official hashtag of #GoBeKind—continuing our shared mission of civility.

#GoBeKind: A Conversation with Gary Kelly and Leon Logothetis
The Kindness Diaries and Southwest are on a shared mission to spread kindness. Tune in when, in July 2019, Southwest CEO Gary Kelly and passionate adventurer Leon Logothetis had a conversation about the meaning of kindness and civility, and how people are innately kind. You’ll see that Gary attributes much of Southwest’s success to the kindness delivered by our Employees each and every day.

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