Customer Service: Above and Beyond

Taking care of our Customers at Southwest goes beyond simply providing ordinary service. We take Hospitality to Heart and want our Employees to do whatever they can to make our Customers’ journeys easy, fun, and enjoyable—whether in the air or on the ground. We empower our Employees to be themselves and flex their creativity when serving our Customers because taking service personally allows our Cohearts to go the extra mile. Here are a few examples from 2019.

Surprising Adoptive Parents
In May of 2019, Carl and Melissa found out that they’d been chosen to adopt a newborn. After a whirlwind of events, they found themselves on a Los Angeles-bound flight to meet their adoptive daughter. After explaining the situation to the Crew, our Southwest Cohearts sprang into action. Flight Attendants made their trip extra special, and when Carl and Melissa arrived in L.A., they were welcomed by Employees with cheers, signs, and a Southwest-inspired baby kit. The return flight—with the new addition to their family in tow—went just as smoothly!

Flight Attendant Surprises Autistic Student with Aviation Books
When Flight Attendant Erica Connolly met Garrison, a young man with autism, during one of her flights, he told her all about his love of aviation. She learned about all the planes he’d seen and heard about his extensive collection of aviation books. Erica also found out that they were coincidentally from the same town in Texas.

When the flight ended, Erica exchanged contact information with Garrison’s mom, hoping to stay in touch with her new friends. A week later, Erica was at her parents’ home, shuffling through some of their things, and she came across a stack of aviation books that belonged to her father—who was a pilot himself. Thinking immediately of Garrison, Erica arranged for the books to be delivered (along with a note) to Garrison’s school. Garrison was thrilled and has enjoyed the new books—and the thoughtfulness of Erica—ever since.

Rescue the Dress
We also had the chance to “rescue the dress” for our Customer, Grayleigh, who had left her maid-of-honor dress for her sister’s Costa Rica destination wedding at home. Our Employees coordinated with Grayleigh’s friend in Houston to arrange for the dress to be dropped off at the airport, and we ensured safe transport of the dress to Costa Rica.

We documented the dress’s travels on Instagram, which kept Grayleigh (and our other Customers who were interested!) informed about the status of this important package. The dress arrived in time for the wedding, and we were thrilled to have played a part in making the special day a success—for the happy couple, and one relieved bridesmaid.

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