Great People Work in Great Spaces

As the nation’s largest domestic carrier,1717) As measured by the U.S. DOT’s O&D Survey for the 12 months ended Sept. 30, 2018 based on domestic originating passengers. O&D stands for Origin & Destination. we’re constantly evolving to attempt to better meet People’s needs. Whether that means implementing new technology to better assist Customers or investing in enhanced training equipment, we are always looking for opportunities to improve our Employees' work environment—both in the air and on the ground. Several workplaces were enhanced across our system during 2018.


Launch of Wings
As our operational needs have expanded over the years, we needed more space to support our Operational Employees and training activities. In April 2018, we were thrilled to open the doors to Wings, the newest facility on our Corporate Campus in Dallas.

A beautiful winglet, donated by Boeing, greets visitors to Wings, a fitting way to welcome them inside the building that houses many of our Operational Teams. The new 800,000-plus-square-foot facility features office and support areas in Wings and also contains a flight training facility called the LEAD Center (Leadership Education and Aircrew Development), which allows us to train more Pilots, preparing us to meet future opportunities for fleet growth. All of our Pilots train at the LEAD Center in state-of-the-art flight simulators. Guests and those not in training can watch Pilots practice simulated takeoffs, landings, and encounters with turbulence from an observation room called “The Lookout.”

Our investment in the Wings facility also demonstrates our commitment to our hometown of Dallas.


The Bridge
At Southwest, we aim to connect People—and our new cross-Campus bridge has given us a brand-new way to do so. As our Campus has expanded, our Employees needed a safe way to cross a multi-lane road, a light-rail line, and a railroad track. The Bridge connects the multiple buildings on the east and west sides of our Corporate Campus, allowing Employees to travel between them safely and easily. The Bridge officially opened in April 2018, and many Employees joined together to celebrate the inaugural walk across.

As a way to thank all Employees for helping make Southwest successful, the names of every single person employed by Southwest as of Jan. 1, 2018, span the interior windows of the Bridge. The idea for this incredible tribute came from our Employees, and it illustrates how much our People mean to us.


Culture Centers
Our Corporate Campus contains several Culture centers–unique, open spaces where Employees can collaborate, hold Team get-togethers and celebrations, and work away from their normal office environment. Each Culture center is themed to highlight a specific aspect of Southwest’s Culture, and no two are alike. Themes range from our Company’s history to qualities we value in a Leader. Three Culture centers on the first floor of our Headquarters remind us of the qualities that unite all Southwest Employees—our Warrior Spirit, Servant’s Heart, and Fun-LUVing Attitude.

As a nod to our themed Culture centers, several locations outside of our Corporate Campus installed Culture Feature walls in 2018. These walls provide Employees with dedicated areas to share fun photos, highlight the actions of individual Cohearts, and celebrate Living and Working the Southwest Way. At the end of 2018, 51 Culture feature walls have been installed throughout our system to celebrate Employees in the cities where they live and work.

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