The Southwest Green Team

Serving more than 134 million Customers a year requires a Team effort. Each day, more than 60,000 Southwest Employees bring various backgrounds, skills, and responsibilities together to deliver our Legendary Customer Service. Moreover, we believe that what works for our Company can also work for our Planet—and our Green Team brings Southwest’s Team-first approach to environmental issues.

The Green Team is a group of Southwest Employees who strive to make our Company, facilities, and the world we live in a greener, more sustainable place. Made up of volunteers at our Headquarters campus, the Green Team meets monthly to plan environmental initiatives and discuss emerging trends and topics related to environmental sustainability.

In 2019, the Green Team led several educational and behavior change initiatives intended to help make our facilities greener and reduce our carbon footprint. The Team hosted an internal event that gave many Southwest Employees an opportunity to get information about environmental issues on our corporate campus, such as waste/recycling, greenhouse gas emissions, and fuel and energy savings. The Team also organized a field trip to a local university to share and learn best practices, and connected Employees with various community events and volunteer opportunities related to environmental sustainability in the Dallas area throughout the year. The Green Team shares tips and tricks on how to be sustainable via our our Companywide blog, reaching our more than 60,000 employees.

In addition to these activities, our Green Team keeps busy with Southwest’s community garden. The garden is located on our Headquarters campus and grows seasonal vegetables for a number of local food banks. The Green Team has hosted numerous volunteer events and environmentally focused presentations in the garden with various departments. The garden has been faithfully overseen for more than a decade by Southwest Employee and Green Team member Jaime Ibarra. It is maintained by members of the Green Team and other Cohearts.

The long-term goal of these initiatives is to embed environmentally friendly behaviors into our Employee Experience so that each Team Member feels a sense of responsibility for their impact on the Company and our Planet. Environmental sustainability isn’t the responsibility of any single person—it’s a Team effort.

Though our community garden is a relatively small operation, it is building a mighty community of learning and service opportunities for Southwest Employees. We’re currently beautifying the garden and we’re actively thinking about other ways we can expand in the near future. After all, this garden has already proved that growing delicious food can be accomplished inexpensively and effectively with the generous help of our busy Southwest Family.
—Jaime Ibarra, Senior Analyst, Technology

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